About Railszilla
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About Railszilla

Some words about me


I love consulting and the work with people. I was born for scrum, Kanban, lean principles and of course engineering. Agile process management is one of my main skills and at the moment the most successful product that my clients order. I helped out Germanys largest corporations like EON, Siemens, Burda, Publicis Pixelpark, Bain & Company, MAN, BMW, O2 and many more.

Furthermore I am a fullstack developer and one of the early adopter of the ruby on rails computer language ( => 12 years). I run one of the most successful Ruby blogs in Germany and I am guest speaker in many agile crackerbarrels.

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Some facts about me:
- Experience managing Business Requirements, Project Plans and Project Schedules
- Demonstrated comfort with emerging technologies in the delivery of service to customers
- Ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize and meet deadlines
- Leadership, communication and influencing skills to drive change
- Ability to create and implement effective methods and techniques within a multicultural environment
- Innovative approach to problem-solving
- 15 Years of experience in IT architecture and engineering (Front / Backend)
- Strong interpersonal and matrix management skills

Can Do Attitude!

To say it in a playful Rails model:
RailsZilla has_many :dirty_tricks, belongs_to :you, :dependent => :daily

I hope you enjoy my blog and invite you for feedback in any matter.

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