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Marcello-Raffaele Avagliano


Some words about RailsZilla and me

Born in 1976 and living in Munich / Germany since 2005. After getting irksome with PHP in the year 2008, I started with Ruby on Rails. I love rapid prototyping and “the Ruby way” ;-)

I had the first contact with Ruby on Rails at a project I was working for. This project was one of the biggest dating sites in Germany and belonged to the Hubert Burda Media corporation. The Hubert Burda Media Group, for which I worked nearly six years, is one of the big media groups in Europe with the magazines CHIP, Cinema, Focus, Fit for Fun, TV Spielfilm, ELLE and Playboy. Moreover I am still coding with some mates from the Burda Digital Group. They are publishing location based mobile apps and Big Data services.
After that, I worked in fulltime for Publicis Germany as a Technology Consultant. Furthermore I had the function of a Scrum Product Owner.

At the moment I am employed as a “Manager Digital Data and Processes” at E.ON. With a Revenue of €111.56 billion, E.ON runs one of the world’s largest investor-owned electric utility service providers.
I love the consulting activity and the work with people. I also like scrum, lean principles and of course Ruby on Rails. Agile process management is one of my main activities at the moment.

This blog is just for fun and hopefully has some good ideas to give you a push. Regularly quick’n dirty Ruby on Rails tricks to survive the day …

To say it in a playful Rails model:
RailsZilla has_many :dirty_tricks, belongs_to :you, :dependent => :daily

I hope you enjoy my blog and invite you for feedback in any matter.

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