Rails console shortcuts
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Rails console shortcuts

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I always forget all those handy hints in Ruby on Rails, while using my Rails console. Here I will drop some very useful console commands to get some daily jobs done: Hint No.1 Sometimes we change the code in a file. In that case we can reload the changes in the rails console by using […]

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Kanban Certification

IBQMI® Kanban Certification Keeping ahead of the competition in the business market has become an essential goal for companies. Many industries are saturated and competition is not only becoming tougher but closer. Kanban at a glance Kanban brings inventory levels and actual consumption side by side. The process is designed to produce an indicator that […]

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git push heroku master is asking for authentication

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In this post I show you how to fix the authentication problem with heroku. If you want to deploy your branch to heroku using this command 1$ git push heroku master and git want an authentication like this 12Username for ‘https://git.heroku.com’: Password for ‘https://git.heroku.com’: then the repository is not pushed, because heroku will not allow […]

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Security issues for CQ/AEM Instances

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Because I was checking some security issues in my job, I was concerned with exploits for the Adobe AEM system. We can find a lot of old Adobe AEM Versions out there. To find Websites using Adobe AEM, just go to google and enter: 1inurl:content/geometrixx By doing this, we will get a lot of results […]

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